I normally don't "blog" or even comment on services that we've received, but the service we received from your company was "outstanding!" We have two air conditioners (which are 18 years old) and when the upstairs one went on the fritz, I was frantic. We called your office and one of your servicemen, Chris, came out in record time. I don't think it was 20 minutes and he was there. He diagnosed it and told us it was a "board" that had burned out. He finished the repair quickly and was so understanding and pleasant. When he gave us the bill, I was shocked that it was a fraction of what I thought it was going to be. Now, that would have been a great testimonial, but wait ...... our downstairs air conditioner (because it had been overworked), went on the fritz the VERY NEXT DAY! We called them again, embarrassed that we had to call them again, but Chris and Josh came out and repaired that one too. Again, I was waiting for the sticker shock, but it never came. Usually, you are so disappointed with this type of service and, well, you're kind of over a barrel. You HAVE to have air conditioning here in the summer. I have never been so impressed as I was with your company! I just can't say enough great things about your company and the people that came out. You guyz truly are the BEST and really do what you advertise! Thank you ... Thank you .... Thank you!

Mark and Sherrie Martinez

I am a single mom of two I thank Tradewinds for fixing my home furnace this winter. Tradewinds understood the urgency of my family's need to have heat and arrived to my home immediately. Even though I live in a small residential home they provided excellent customer service as if it where a much larger job. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting a job well done, excellent customer service, professionalism, and reliability.

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Renee Stegeman

I highly recommend Tradewinds Mechanical if you need AC service in the Las Vegas area. They are quick to respond and they have friendly, knowledgable techs. They fixed my AC at a really reasonable price and QUICKLY!


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I woke up to a flooded Garage and Tradewinds Mechanical came right out and replaced my water heater that day! They even helped me clean up the water mess!! I will recommend them to all my friends!

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Heather Stine

When my heat pump went out, I contacted many different HVAC companies. It was Josh at Tradewinds who I finally decided to go with. I thought I was going to need to replace my old heat pump with a new one. Fearing the worst, I braced myself for a costly replacement. Josh was very professional and showed a lot of integrity. He told me that he could actually fix the problem. He did just that. Josh and Tradewinds Mechanical saved my thousands on the repair of my heat pump. I highly recommend this company.

Mr. Samuel Mendes

I was tired of constantly replacing the air filters in my home. I thought that there must me a better way. I called around to other AC companies and the wanted to sell me air purifiers and humidifiers, when all I really wanted was a better longer lasting air filter. Tradewinds Mechanical came to me with the solution. They recommended to me an electronic air filter. This would replace my existing air filters and keep the air I breathe clean. It lasts forever and requires that it is cleaned about every 4 - 5 months. Thanks Tradewinds Mechanical.

Mrs. Lisa Whistler

When I saw that my power bill kept increasing, I knew I had to look for an energy savings solution. I turned to Tradewinds Mechanical. They came to my home and gave me an energy assessment. The answer was a power factor correction unit. It handles the motors on my pool, AC, and other appliances. This lowered my power bill close to 20%. If you are looking for savings on your next power bill, I urge you to call Tradewinds.

Mr. John Kuebrick