Which Air Conditioning Company Is Best For You?

We know that choosing which an air conditioning company that you can trust is a difficult task. There are air conditioning companies that don't play by the rules and even try to take advantage of unwitting home owners. Here are some tips to make sure your choosing the best company for you. You have to be aware of certain red flags. When you are calling to just get a check - up for your system and a service tech has bad news, always get a second opinion. Unfortanately in the air condtioning industry, the service techs take advantage of home owners because they know that understanding the air conditioning unit is complex. Alot of air conditioning companies would rather sell you a new unit than repair a unit that is operatioanally sound. At Tradewinds Mechanical, we pride ourselves in the ability to repair most problems.

Below is a video of DateLine NBC's investigation on so-called Air Conditioning "repairmen".

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