Get a 2nd Opinion

Replacing Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment can cost thousands of dollars. So why not just have it repaired? The truth is that most AC technicians just don’t troubleshoot. That’s the biggest difference between Tradewinds Mechanical and other Las Vegas HVAC companies. It is a point of pride that we are able to accurately diagnose and repair your current air conditioning equipment where other companies only know how to change parts. We only hire highly qualified technicians with commercial HVAC-R experience to Troubleshoot, Properly Diagnose and Repair your equipment back to manufacturer specifications.

Our first course of action is always to determine how best your system may be repaired, in the most cost effective way possible. We will only suggest replacement if it is absolutely necessary, when repairs are no longer an option, or have become so costly that replacement becomes the better option. This is how we have earned our customer’s trust and referrals time and time again. If you suspect another company is misdiagnosing your problem, your next move should be to call Tradewinds Mechanical.

Why You Deserve a 2nd Opinion

Most companies will try and sell you on new equipment, and why wouldn’t they? If they can convince you that your air conditioning or refrigeration equipment, that may be 10 or 15 years old, needs to be replaced, they stand to make a huge profit. In your time of need the last thing you want is to be taken advantage of. Your HVAC company may even be looking to pad their pockets with a commission from their manufacturers instead of just making a quick repair to get you up and running again. Any contractor can miss something in the diagnostic process, which is why we ALWAYS suggest obtaining three separate bids when it comes to expensive equipment replacements. You might just find that a small repair is all you need, but If you do find that you need your equipment replaced, Tradewinds offers competitive pricing, a wide range of readily available equipment options and high quality installation services.

Before you spend thousands on a new unit replacement, contact the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration mechanics at Tradewind Mechanical. See what our experience and knowledge can save you in the long run.