Evaporative Coolers

Cool Open Spaces Most Efficiently

Using water to cool your large space, as opposed to gas, can be a huge difference in efficiency and operational costs. Your evaporative cooler works by passing outdoor air over water-saturated pads, causing the water to evaporate into it. It is this process which has helped coin the term “swamp cooler” for these commonplace industrial cooling units. While energy concerns tend to melt away when using swamp coolers, other issue arise. This is why you need a company like Tradewinds Mechanical by your side to ensure that you are properly caring for your system.

Challenges Facing Swamp Coolers

In warehouses and wide open spaces there’s no doubt that traditional air conditioners would be inefficient and costly to run. For this reason evaporative coolers are often used, running water rather than gas. In Las Vegas there’s no question that our water quality isn’t ideal, so a close look should always be placed on these systems, and by a trained professional. We recommend at least a seasonal service for swamp coolers, to ensure that they will work most efficiently when you need them.

Evaporative Cooler Service for Las Vegas

At Tradewinds Mechanical our technicians are focused on providing your Las Vegas business with top quality services and repairs. We firmly believe that if you follow our maintenance regime that we can help your business save thousands of dollars. The most common reason we see for a repair need is because of either lack of maintenance or poor water quality.

Allow us to help you save money on your heating and cooling system and associated operational costs, with a proper maintenance and service contract. Our clients love our customer portal where you can take the work out of managing your system.